Inspired fundraising

You can make a positive difference to the future of medical research here in New Zealand. Here’s some inspiration from a fellow fundraiser:

Louise Curtis - Story of courage  

“Live every day like it is your last”, these inspirational words come from Louise Curtis as she passionately strives to send the message to others with terminal illnesses to make the most of the time they have and “live like there’s no tomorrow”.

Louise, 43, is a Wellingtonian mother of two, who last December was diagnosed with a brain lesion, later found to be cancerous. Louise did not take this diagnosis lying down, and gave herself the challenge of overcoming the threat to her health and keeping as fit and healthy as she can.

Louise has been actively raising awareness and funds through an initiative she has dubbed ‘a year on the bike.’ She successfully took on many major cycling events in support of the Malaghan Institute. Giving her the opportunity to share her story and encourage hope in others affected, while promoting medical research and the Malaghan Institute.

Her zest for life has never faltered through her ordeal and her messages has been received loud and clear: “You can battle through it, just try and live every day like it is your last”.

Louise's Top Tips:

1. Organise an activity that you enjoy and means something to you!

2. Set a target and don’t be shy to ask for donations.

3. Get creative give your activities a point of difference.

Fundraising ideas

Challenge yourself, push your limits
and with the support of family and
friends you will be surprised at what
you can achieve.

• Sponsored run/cycle walk
• Beard/head shave
• Golf day
• Break a bad habit – like smoking!

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